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The pronoun article I posted yesterday

I don't think anyone noticed the glaring hypocrisy in the article. The author and the woman's husband refer to her as "they", "them", etc. No doubt this was done at her request. However, when she refers to herself, she uses pronouns like "I" and "me". Looks like she wants other people to use pronouns that are grammatically incorrect but she doesn't do it herself.

I could just imagine her call to 911:

Caller: Please help us!! Our house is on fire and we can't escape!!

911 Operator: I'm sending the fire department!! How many people are in the building?

Caller: Just me.

911 Operator: But you said "us" and "we"??

Caller: I identify as multiple people.

911: Then shouldn't you say WE identify as multiple people??

Caller: Oh, yeah, right. We...

911: Dumbass.

Posted: 06/01/2021 at 2:08PM


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