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So much now depends on Manchin

States are busy suppressing voting rights in ways that will forever entrench the right wing in power. Do not pretend that these changes in voting rights are mere security measures. They are designed to make it much harder for urban citizens to vote. That is there only true purpose. Add rampant gerrymandering to that - there are states where the majority of voters vote dem but have as few as a third of state house seats - and we are hard stuck in governance by the minority. Many of these acts now say the Republican legislators can be the final adjudicators - or install their hand selected final adjudicators - of who won. We are in quite the brink.

We have one chance to fix this. Manchin has seen for himself now there are few true patriots on the Republican side.

We are now down to the most fundamental of issues. Will Manchin finally draw a line and say the voting rights reform acts must now be passed - even if 51-49.

I frankly am starting to doubt the sincerity of Manchin. It is easy for him to whine about Republican disdain for a January 6 commission. But he did not take the step to solve it once and for all. And there is grave doubt that he will do anything to address the supression bills that have been passed and are under consideration in so many states.

I’m fine with any moderate position he takes on tax and spend issues - but his failure so far to stop these voter suppression tactics vote informs me that his motives may very well be compromised for some reason.

Posted: 05/29/2021 at 01:25AM


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