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Are you a ccw holder trying to stop the threat?

Or are you an unarmed bystander hoping that this is all a dream? The answer depends on which one you are.

If you're the latter, it makes no difference, you're not in much of a position to effect outcomes. But perhapes simple observation may give you a hint. The guy randomly shooting people hiding under objects holding their hands up in a defensive manner pleading for their lives?, or firing into fleeing people may tip you off? The person pointing a gun at you and firing?

As for me, the off duty officer, random ccw holder, in a position to effect outcomes, its up to me with a cell phone to inform first responders of who i am, and a phisical description to pass along to the dispached first responders. There is always a possibility of blue on blue violence in this kind of chaotic situation. Be prepared to follow commands and demonstrate compliance.

There are no guaranteed outcomes. But this is something I've chosen to accept, and my wife understands.

(In response to this post by bufffantheman)

Posted: 05/27/2021 at 3:41PM


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