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On the slew of incoming transfers (KD and the Sunshine Band)

I don't think every year will be like what we're seeing with the relatively high influx of incoming talent, and from major programs (but hey, maybe with the portal era, it will), but this year's talent infusion for the Buffs stimulated some thinking.

CU will never be the University of Oklahoma Sooners power yet look what that program's success, marquee reputation and coaching invited: Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray and Jalen Hurts all transferred IN.

What if CU can help young men who come to Boulder badly wanting a better shot at success and helping them succeed and get drafted and paid? These men were talented and highly recruited. Could CU helping them maximize their potential create a steady flow of incoming transfers next season, the season after and so on?

Amazing to me that CU now has transfers from (I am likely forgetting some): Miami (Fla.), Notre Dame, Iowa, Ohio State, Tennessee, Texas Christian, Arkansas and had a transfer from superpower Alabama that we were once super hyped about (if only it would have worked out). Holy cow. Now if CU can put a winning product on the field in 2021 (I remain skeptical and I accept the board criticism for it), and KD and The Sunshine Band can prove they can recruit high school prospects at a higher level in this next recruiting cycle, this program might be on to something.

I do know this, there is something encouraging happening inside this program. Success is not going to come easy or quickly but hopefully RG and KD are going to right the ship and sail this long-wretched program out of troubled waters. It can be done. It can be DONE.

By the way....not that they can do much about it, but do you see coaches pushing for changes and limits on the portal? I see it as a blessing and a curse. Coaches can now more easily rid themselves of players they no longer want by strongly encouraging kids to move on and they can also tap into a "free agency pool" to upgrade (much easier for successful programs) but also, guys who are impatient or upset can quickly ditch you after all you invested in recruiting and coaching them.

Posted: 05/10/2021 at 05:44AM


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