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To each their own

Good for your son.

I’m happy my daughter is in a program where 97% of the students have jobs in their field of study when they graduate with an average starting salary above $80k.

Liberal studies generally, and particularly _______ Studies simply aren’t anywhere close to that job placement in the field of study or avg salary. There are many ______ Studies majors who leave college saddled with enormous student loan debt and bleak job prospects in their field of study.

My daughter loves the challenging nature of the program and being surrounded by STEM students. She has friends from HS in liberal studies majors at state schools and their education is so much less rigorous. They aren’t able to relate to staying up till 2:00 am every night grinding out the work.

She understands that what she’s learning, her work ethic and problem solving skills will serve her well in the future.
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