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I've logged out a few months ago just to take a break

from posting. I would lurk/read but during those times I really had no desire to post. It was a nice feeling.
I had no problem logging back on. There were times that 2Buffs put out a "warning" to all posters and I'm sure I could have been in that category at those times, but I wasn't the only one. A large number of us, on both sides, were a bit out of control.

I was "banned" a few times back in the old days when Smitty ran the site. It was a short period of time back then, not forever. I didn't have to change my user name.

If you are "wasting time" and not "wishbone" which was my guess, we actually had some decent back and forth posts then but you seem to be more angry now. Maybe just how I see you. I think "fact checkers" should be based on some type of back up evidence and/or links and I don't mean from some strange blog/site, etc. If you want us to believe your links then probably you should link your fact finding to the msm that we probably trust more than you do.

As to my one buddy that sometimes calls out posters for certain TOS violations, that one poster has higher standards then I do. I don't mind some bad language unless it gets to the point it's just repetitive and the posts get more angry than the words themselves.
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