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This case has been on the hush hush since it started. There ae really two episodes -- the first relates to a ride on a party bus and the second to some event at someone's home involving what is called sexual exploitation of a child which is usually possession of pornographic images of minors. In the world of a high schooler, if you possess images of your under 18-year-old girlfriend on your cell phone, you can face that charge. Not surprisingly, in our world of social media and cameras in every child's hands, those charges are popping up by the hundreds if not thousands in non-publicized cases. Most jurisdictions in metro Denver have a plea system with such charges that is similar to MIP charges -- in other words, there volume is so high the system has to bend.

The two mistried counts may or may not be tried again. The kid was 12 - 0 not guilty on five charges. The other two counts were a 9 - 3 vote and no one knows if it was 9 "guilty" votes or just 3. As a former prosecutor myself, I can tell you that will impact the decision as to whether or not to retry the case.

The second case in interesting -- depending on what the kid had (assuming pics on a cell phone or sent pics from his cell phone because that is a shockingly frequent fact pattern), the prosecution may be interested in cutting a deal now. The defense team obviously did not want the second case to taint the jury which is why those charges were split out.

I expect a plea deal. Prosecutors are generally reluctant to retry cases and I can tell you this is a big loss in Boulder. Most importantly, I do not know the facts supporting the charges other than what I see in the paper so I am merely spit-balling above. We'll see.

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