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Re: Cross is meant for leading questions

I remember Roy Black and I remember the case but I don't remember all the ins and outs of the questioning, etc.

If it's funny...but I usually find myself on the defense side of watching tv trials but this time around, I'm firmly with the prosecution because I made up my mind of Chauvin the first time I saw the video, basically on day one. I would never had made it on that jury.

The prosecution did object 3 or 4 times with one of the witnesses but were over ruled on all of them so I guess they decided it wasn't looking good to object. I thought the judge was looking ahead to an appeal and was covering himself.

I think the female EMT was very passionate about her testimony and I don't think she was being "argumentative" and didn't deserve such a stern warning from the judge. She was emotionally drained at that point. I think he could have told her or explained to her in a "nicer" way about the rules of the court but she did shut up and didn't say another word or argue with him. I saw the judge as almost threatening and if I were her, a 27 year old female, I would probably feel as she did...not being taken seriously as a professional.

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