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Crazy that we even have to discuss a hard cap yet I agree, spending is out

of control and your proposal could very well put some needed limits and "controls" on the "drunken sailors" spending. (all apologies to any Navy men and women)

This I agree with too: "no age restriction on professional leagues." Some players' value is very high after their freshman and sophomore seasons. They should be able to go pro if they want and capitalize when their value is high. Sometimes athlete's performances regress or they get hurt but they had to come back. That's not right. I also believe, like I believe you were inferring, if an NFL team will draft a guy out of high school, and that player wants to go pro, he should be able to do so and get paid.

The NBA finally is doing that again, as it should have never stopped. MLB does it. The NHL does it. Soccer players can turn pro. Tennis and golf if they are good enough.

I love what you wrote: "Yes the quality of college athletics will greatly diminish. But the amateurism, competition, and commitment to the non professional experience will increase."

And that's a beautiful thing.

And as for your final point, the NCAA definitely has that reputation.

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Posted: 04/07/2021 at 2:43PM


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