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Defense did well yesterday

At least as well as they could. They actually scored some points. I try to keep it on my second screen while I work, but missed some of it. Defense has bad facts, only so much they can do. But they did get some concessions about the training, or lack thereof, of the knee to the neck, surrounding crowd making it difficult to asses a situation, etc. The testimony was a little contradictory yesterday on some pretty small points among the prosecution witnesses, but Defense did a fantastic job of highlighting the inconsistencies, which is all he really can hope for. I was unimpressed with Nelson, the defense attorney, during opening argument and the first few days, but he is getting better. I think that has something to do with the fact that prosecution called a lot of their heavy hitter witnesses first. And he is keeping it simple, very brief, concise cross exams.

Prosecution absolutely hit a grand slam Monday with the Police Chief, Police Inspector and ER doctor. I almost think they might be trying to overthink/overtry the case. But that being said, if they don't hammer down every point and they lose, prosecution will be second guessed forever. Immense amount of pressure on the prosecution here. I don't think it is exaggeration to say this is the most important criminal trial of the last 20 years.

End of the day, every officer or law enforcement person who testified has said that Chauvin was in the wrong.

Still thinking the jury will get hung on the most significant charge (2nd degree unintentional murder). It has been super interesting to watch though.

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