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Examples that illustrate doublethink ideology IMO include things like..

A) rationalizing the competition of men against women if they have a sex change, or b) promoting the idea that a discipline like Math is Racist. Common sense amongst most of us would agree that these combining these ideas are foolish, yet Biden past an executive order on point A), and Seattle has a school pilot program on point B) that has support from Critical race theorists and funding from a foundation by Bill Gates. Both are examples of combining contradictory ideas into an ideology that matches the doublethink concept that Orwell developed. In furtherance of his concept, if one contests the validity of these type of contradictions they are simply dismissed and countered with cries of racist, sexist, or a Phobist, as illustrated in the OP. Many other recent examples exist and which in my view all fall under the broad umbrella of ‘Wokeism’ or for Orwell ‘doublethink’.

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