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I would like to understand the athletic budget numbers better

To a large extent, you are correct, football subsidizes all sports other than probably men's basketball. (There might be some schools where women's basketball breaks even, but it definitely doesn't at CU).

Here is my concern. The overall pie is $100M, and according to CU about $16M is spent on tuition, room, and board. That is for ALL athletes, mens and womens ... so where is the rest of the money being spent. I have a suspicion that in reality a lion share of the "athletic budget" gets siphoned off into the general fund of the university and does not support the athletes.

For example, I have heard that the athletic department pays the university $200k for every athletic event played at the Event Center. I have heard that when CU hosts graduation in Folsom, it is paid for out of the AD facilities budget. (BTW this is all internet talk so I can't confirm any of this). With a budget line of $16M for facilities and debt, I wonder if the athletic department is paying the university to rent space in the Champions Center that was paid for by athletic boosters? It's a great opportunity for the university to solicit donations from alumni and boosters for the purpose of athletics which in turn actually are just rerouted to DiStephano's (or whomevers) personal slush fund.

Back to your original discussion of who the excess monies should be given too. Each sport should distribute excess monies to the sports that earn it. Excess football monies should be distributed among football players ... the CU AD should have the right to distribute the money unequally to individual players based on their contribution. For example, Laviska should have been given a much higher share than say the CU backup kicker. Laviska had 3 surgeries while at CU and being injured cost him millions dropping from a first round to a second round pick.

Pay for all sports from the entire pie, but when it comes to distributing the excess, it should go to the sports that generated the excess.

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Posted: 04/02/2021 at 1:00PM


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