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Here's the problem with being required to show photo I.D. to the poll clerk

William, this is a slightly different topic than what you brought up, but it's a good time to discuss it, I think. So, I apologize for slightly hijacking your thread.

First, when a citzen REGISTERS to vote, I.D. is needed, - yes. A driver's license number is needed, which can then be reference in the county's computer system, or a Social Security number is needed, which can then be checked in that system. Or, a birth certificate is needed, which can often be obtained at the county records office. Sometimes, a birth certificate cannot be located, if a person does not know what county s/he was born in. For poor or elderly people who may have moved around a great deal in their lives, getting a copy of their birth certificate can be a problem.

Filling out a registration form to vote is different from showing up at the polls and providing photo I.D. to vote. If a voter is required to show photo I.D., then it is necessary for a volunteer poll clerk to decide if the voter resembles his picture on the I.D. What if the volunteer decides that the voter doesn't resemble the voter? What if the address on the I.D. is different from the address in the precinct's roster book? What if the I.D. has expired? What if the I.D. is showing a matching picture but a different name because the voter got married/divorced, etc.? What if? What if? What if? There are hundred of these situations that come up AT THE POLLS.
That's different from at the time of registration. Two different situations. Yes, by all means, a voter needs I.D. in order to register. But -- do you really want the volunteer poll clerk to decide that your I.D. doesn't look like you, so you cannot cast a ballot? Or, your I.D. says you have a different last name, so the poll clerk refuses to hand you a ballot? Or any number of a dozen different scenarios? - B4E

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Posted: 03/11/2021 at 8:21PM


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