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Biden's boondoggle, not enough money for those that need it....

too much for those that don't. This is a massive wish list bill that has little to do with covid relief. The country will shortly have authorized $4 trillion to spent in the name covid.

Trump wanted a similar bill, $1.6t so the Rs are in the game too. The basic problem is we have heroin addicts running the pharmacy.

"The Democrats’ rationale for a $1.9 trillion package — and not a penny less — also reflects a fundamental misconception about the economy and economic policy. Too many have come to believe that government, can control the course of the economy by cleverly turning a handful of dials that have been installed in the basement of key agencies in Washington. This mechanistic conception is a dangerous conceit. Economics is not a hard science, and economies are too complex and subject to too many random events for anyone to say with confidence that anything less than $1.9 trillion would invite economic disaster."

Heck, even former Obama Treasurer Summers hates it.

(In response to this post by bufffantheman)

Link: Biden’s push to ‘go big’ and go partisan could hurt his ability to solve b

Posted: 03/09/2021 at 11:03AM


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