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More on Sam Spades demand that Dems do something right now.

(Sam Spade is smart - I expect he knows this already).

Q. Why don’t Dems just pass a COVID Bill now going in for a 51-50 vote?

A. This is all about the lack of power the Dems have due to the filibuster. Right now Manchin and Sinema oppose killing the filibuster. The only exception to the filibuster is reconciliation legislation - and Congress only gets one reconciliation bill a year.

So - unkess and until Manchin and Sinema change their mind - if the Dems want to get anything done by legislation it has to be through the one reconciliation bill they get for this year. Republicans aren’t going to vote for anything that furthers the Biden agenda when the reconciliation bullet is still in the Dems pocket. And when the Dems shoot that reconciliation bullet, Pubs won’t be lifting a finger afterwords. History proves that is a fact under McConnell.

So Dems are putting everything they possibly can into this fiscal year’s (I think it ends in August) reconciliation bill. Manchin likely represents the outer boundary of how far that bill can go. He wears the same hat as McCsin when pubs tried to kill Obamacare through reconciliation.

So Dems have got to take the time they need to do as much as they possibly can with this bill. This takes negotiation with Manchin and possibly a few others. Doing something immediately without deliberation and negotiation with Manchin means something narrow and targeted - Killing every other thing that can be addressed through reconciliation.

Right kid - until the filibuster is killed - owning the house, the senate and the Presidency - only means the party in control gets one shot per year at meaningful legislation - and then only budget related legislation

With that much on the line - you really can’t afford to pass a skinny bill. This will be your only chance for this year - as after this you likely can’t get anything done.

I expect Sam Spade knows this. I think it is the root of his constant refrains that Dems have to act immediately because the need is so great.

If Dems in fact want to get as much done to further Joe Biden’s agenda as they can - they have to be much more deliberate and thoughtful than knee jerk fast. And it does mean - the reconciliation bill will be as big as they can get every Dem - including Manchin - to sign off on. And that takes time.

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