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What you said needs to be stamped at the top of the FB & BB board

"I don’t want us constantly feel sorry for ourselves or feel 'lesser than' or always be like the sad little kid with his face pressed up against the outside of the candy store."

However, mentioning Sark's recruiting chops doesn't, in my mind at least (and I respect if you disagree), make me or anyone else "envious or self-pitying." At all. The motivation behind the comment was that Sark brings recruiting acumen, from his time as an assistant at USC and Alabama and maybe lesser from his time as a HC at USC and Washington. He has proven to be an outstanding assistant of great offensive talent.

Now, recruiting to CU is a different animal yet another guy who brought recruiting success to the program, MMT, showed it can be done. That McCartney guy did too and in a small way that didn't prove sustainable (or effective), so did "Hawk Love."

I respect KD. I want him to succeed. He did fabulous work last season and I think he's still doing it this offseason with change he sees necessary. At the same time, Sark (again, not my top choice, but over KD, yes) would have recruited well at CU, relatively speaking to what we've seen. I'm not envying Texas. My emotions on this matter are not that strong.

The point was look how long it took him to reel in a "big fish." Kids know he allowed great recruits the opportunity to shine and become highly desirable draft prospects. That was the only point I was making. So there is no pity with that post. The pity I see is the "this is as good as it gets" comments. All due respect to those people and I like them as posters, "eff that." It's only "as good as it gets" if we believe it to be. There's no fact behind that statement. It's false assumption, false conclusion.

I am excited to see how KD and his staff recruit over the next two cycles. I will, as many will, be scrutinizing it. It's got to get a lot better.

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Posted: 02/15/2021 at 05:35AM


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