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Some suggestions for a very weird time...

DJT Impeachment V2.0. I'm not sure the guy is alive anymore? We get these grainy, Heaven's Gate style "videos" of him. I've seen low-budget porno better produced. I think we are, at this point, watching a hologram. Who knows? Funniest moment-Kevin McCarthy asking for "unity".
Kinda like asking Himmler what his High Holiday plans are. Such Bullshit,but I'm going to miss the circus.
Back to suggestions for the weirdness that abounds...
1. Listen to the entire LP "Spiderland" by Slint. 10/10 and it might be the genesis of QAnon bullshit
2. Listen to the entire LP" Easter Everywhere" 13th FLoor elevators 10/10 classic cool stuff.
3. Listen to the entire LP "Astral Weeks" Van Morrison 10/10 perhaps the best record ever .
4. Select songs by The Fall-Totally Wired, Sparta FC, Wrong Place -Right time, Hit the North and a whole bunch more.
5.Entire LP "Doc at the Radar Station" Captain Beefheart.

More to come. Hockey Starts today!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted: 01/13/2021 at 10:28PM


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