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I was against 8 team playoff at the outset, but the 4-6 teams are close

enough that my opinion has shifted and it is time for an 8 team playoff. I'm not saying a G5 team should be automatic or that all 5 P5 champions should be automatic, just that the best 8 teams should playoff. This screwed up year under an 8 team playoff the PAC12 and G5 would of or should of been left out anyway.

If or when the P5 breaks away from the NCAA FBS the G5 won't be in consideration and potentially some P5 teams might not make it in whatever new organization is created. My one peso opinion is four conferences of sixteen teams will eventually separate from the NCAA for football. And if the NCAA were to say if you're out for football then you're out for men's basketball or even for all sports they'd be cutting off their own nose, which is par for the way they operate.

Posted: 12/20/2020 at 1:25PM


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