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If they really want the games, they can

drop the arrogant P12 positions and guarantee they will play and come to Provo to do it in two weeks.

How incredibly arrogant - to imply BYU is in the wrong or is dodging when they are invited to travel to Washington three days before Thanksgiving - making sure there is no time for preparation. All the while Washington is preparing for Utah - who expects to lose the ASU game - so Washington is putting BYU and its kids through this to be their backup game. How very ugly and manipulative for the Washington AD to publicly whine about their declination under these circumstances.

You do recall - don’t you - BYU trying to schedule Alabama this year after P12 schools ran away from playing them - supposedly because of COVID? BYU did all they could to schedule that game. You do remember - don’t you - BYU had Utah and Arizona State and Stanford on their schedule, it was them that dropped BYU - not the other way around, You do remember when a supposedly very good good Boise State team dropped them, but then later invited them back to play on their own turf - but at least with several weeks notice - BYU scheduled that game.

It’s a classless sham - for weeks BYU has been looking for a game because the P12 backed out of their commitments and for weeks P12 said no. Then the P12 sets up the most arrogant one sided requirements to play any game against an OOC and then to top it off - on the eve of Thanksgiving weekend says - now use this week to get ready and travel to our stadium and play with our officials - and forget about Thanksgiving. And by the way - we can cancel at any time,

It is utter bullshit. BYU had a damned fine schedule lined up. The conferences dropped them because if CIVID and then all said - oh we can still play within the conference. Now - that BYU has done the best it could and has built a damned fine season, the P12 is trying to cut BYUs legs out from under it.

Here the point - DONT call BYU on Sunday and say if In a few days we decide want to we will play you at our place after your thanksgiving holiday, Then you agree to come. Really? Imagine after accepting such an offer getting called Thanksgiving morning and Washington telling the BYU coach - oh by the way - the conference has found an opponent for us - the game is off.

If Washington really has any guts - they would make arrangements to play BYU in Provo in two weeks, and guarantee they would show up for the damned game.

Better yet - the P12 would just accommodate the Utah BYU game. But from what I saw yesterday - Utah wants no piece of this years BYU team. And so the P12 has Washington do to invite in circumstances that almost guaranteed that BYU would say no.

Better yet - simply agree that BYU can call any P12 team it wants on any Sunday, and that team will agree to come to Provo for a game on Friday night.

The best answer - just commit the P12 champ to playing BYU in a New Year’s Day bowl game. If the P12 really wants BYU - make that commitment now.

My guess is - this is nothing more than a play to try to foreclose BYU out of a New Years Day game.

BYU has earned it this year, every P5 conference dropped them like a hot potato at the beginning of the year. And they have a damned good team. They deserve an invite that isn’t a setup.

BYU has been through this one sided crap before. Twelve years ago they agreed to a 2 and 1 with Notre Dame, BYU kept it’s end of the bargain and played twice in South Bend. Notre Dame has refused to fulfill its end of the contract. They simply don’t care. P5 Schools have this great sense of entitlement - and so they and their fans are shocked when BYU declines this pathetic last second sort of offer.

BYU isn’t the problem here. Larry Scott is the problem. P5 entitlement is the problem.

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