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It can come and get you too....you are not "safe"....

he did everything right. He followed the guidelines to a T, he masked, avoided crowds, etc. He got it because he did one thing wrong and it killed him. He went to church. And they preached God was protecting them there but there was an outbreak. No publicity. No big deal, just like you don't think it was a big deal. People from all over were exposed all the way to Oregon and many got sick and are still recovering. My younger brother was almost another one of your numbers...he said one night in the hospital he heard them talking about intubating him and he said he thought to himself..."I'm a dead man" as he struggled to breathe. But he was fortunate...he turned around and he got better and after 13 days, he went home. They both went into the hospital one day apart. But my older brother kept getting worse. And he didn't make it home.

All the others that got sick and there were many, are still recovering. But my brother was the only one to die. And he wasn't the "oldest" victim of the illness.

Some tell me..."it was his time". "It was predestined". "God gives us so many days on earth". I still say that is b.s. If he hadn't gone to church that day, he would still be here. If the church wore masks and distanced, he would still be here. They all wear them outside of church and in public. They at least do that right thing.

But just because he was a certain age, doesn't mean he SHOULD have died or that it makes sense to you because it fits your thinking, because there are plenty of people dying that don't fit your equations...that are young and healthy and not elderly, black or hispanic or morbidly obese, etc., etc. They could be just like you. And it can find you too and you could die too.

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Posted: 11/22/2020 at 02:29AM


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