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Fortunately the Dems don't get it

EVERYTHING was in their favor...money, record-setting turnout, media bias and most of all, Trump at the top of the ticket. Their guy won 306 electoral votes and a 4 million vote margin in the popular vote...and netted ONE Senate seat. But more amazing, they managed to lose a net 9 House seats so far and EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 27 House races in Cook Political's Toss Up Column.

Why? Because the Dems completely misinterpreted America's hatred of Trump as support for the leftist shift of their party. Spanberger, Clyburn, etc. are exactly right...socialism, defund the police, Green New Deal, insert Squad initiative here...killed their candidates.

I find it humorous that Dems revel in the "split" of the GOP, when their party is undergoing the same. When Bill Maher, Chris Cilizza and others in the media point out how badly the Dems performed on Election Day, you know it was bad.

November 3rd wasn't a movement...it was a referendum on Trump. Period. End of story. The fact that the Dems completely misread that fact kept it from being the GOP bloodbath that everyone predicted and what should have been given the top of the ticket. So keep parading out Schumer ("We will change America and then the world") and Bernie in Georgia...that's the best advertising for Republicans we can get.

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Posted: 11/21/2020 at 12:07PM


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