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My unscientific theory on why polling was more inaccurate.

...Pollsters get hung up on a lot. When trying to poll people by phone, most of us hate all the junk calls, we don't accept or answer the phone to numbers we are unfamiliar with.

In-person polling, most people don't want to be asked questions when they go shopping, especially if they are with their families. Most people when actually getting polled don't want to answer a lot of questions. Especially this year, with covid being ever present in our minds.

Most of us have our emails set up to filter out unwanted emails. The email polls probably end up in junk mail for many folks. Email polling is not usually accurate anyway.

There aren't a lot of people amenable to being polled, so we really can't expect the polls to be accurate. Based on this year's poll results, I would say that conservatives are truly just that. They are less likely willing to be polled than moderates or liberals. That's not a knock. I always say no to whoever wants to ask me questions in public, or on the phone.

If anyone tried to poll me, I probably didn't give them the chance. My guess, a lot of folks were the same.

Posted: 11/20/2020 at 12:47PM


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