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That is absolutely the right thing to do

I'm sorry that your MIL will be alone. It's a terrible thing that many, many people are having to live with right now. But that doesn't mean the elderly should start getting on planes and traveling all over the country. Are you seriously advocating for that? This is an incredibly easy call right now. We have promising vaccines that are only months away from initial distribution. Now is not the time to give in and behave irresponsibly, not after how much folks have sacrificed.

It is absolutely appropriate for California to require people who travel to quarantine, especially before going to a doctor's office. Depending on the type of appointment she has coming up, there could be many elderly or other at-risk patients at the same facility. Why should they be placed at risk because of your holiday plans? This isn't just a question of your and your MIL's happiness. It's about the safety of others. Over 250k people have died. If your MIL insists on traveling, the state isn't going to stop her. But she isn't entitled to put others at risk by traveling and then walking into a doctor's office during the incubation period.

Please stop suggesting that people who follow public health guidelines are doing that out of indifference or spite for people like your MIL. They aren't. They hate this just as much as you do. I hate to hear about people like your MIL She isn't alone. My dad will be alone for most of the winter until a vaccine becomes available. This is very hard for all of us.

But my dad recognizes why we are doing this, and he isn't complaining one bit. Sometimes, being a responsible citizen means making sacrifices. What Americans are being asked to endure right now pales in comparison to the sacrifices that the Greatest Generation and other Americans made to support their country and community. We can do this, and we can get to the other side. But it requires sacrifice, and demonizing people who recognize that won't change anything.

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Posted: 11/20/2020 at 01:59AM


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