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Affidavits aren’t delusional. You are

I’ll give you a stack of affidavits saying what I had for breakfast this week. It wouldn’t change how it tasted. As a lawyer who has plenty of experience with affidavits, I know better than to be impressed by a stack of paper. Any idiot could cook up the stuff that Trump has put forward after any election. Over 150 million people voted in this election in precincts across the country. And I’m supposed to be impressed that a group of biased poll watchers said someone looked at them funny? Please. I’ll trust the judges who have kicked this stuff out of court without any discovery because Trump’s claims are frivolous. I’ll also trust the professional election officials who have gone on record about the security of the election and the absence of material or unusual irregularities. You go on trusting Giuliani and his goons who couldn’t have less credibility. The only thing your posts demonstrate is that your happy to sell out the integrity of our election system if it means your guy might have a shot at the prize. It’s despicable, and more people should call it for what it is and stop pretending like this whole effort has any shred of legitimacy. It doesn’t. The only reason why I’m taking time to respond to your conspiracy peddling is to point out it’s absurdity. I certainly won’t waste any more time on it. It’s clear as day that you are a partisan clown who won’t listen to reason.

(In response to this post by 1962Buff)

Posted: 11/19/2020 at 8:34PM


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