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Power and money are more important than Jesus's teachings to many white...

evangelicals. I've lost all respect for them for their unwavering support of the most corrupt, immoral and hateful public figure in our lifetimes. It's all about keeping America white and christian for most evangelicals.

If Jesus was indeed a brown-skinned Jew from the Middle East with no personal assets and today was found wandering the streets begging for money for the less fortunate, many evangelicals would be trying to deport the man or throw him in jail for vagrancy!

Because they refuse to accept other religions (i.e., some believe Catholics are going to hell) and do not live their lives according to the Ten Commandments and Jesus teachings (like love thy neighbor), many of these Christian extremists are just as morally twisted as religious fanatics in the Middle East. Total BS.

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Posted: 10/18/2020 at 11:42AM


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