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Show me where the media says Biden is the second coming

The NYTimes—regularly called a liberal news source—constantly points out his short comings. I’ve yet to see any outlet say that Biden is perfect. Better than Trump? Sure. That’s a very low bar, though.

In any event, you are too concerned with the meta question of whether there is media bias that you are obfuscating the choice between the two candidates. People aren’t going to look back on this and ask “we’re the CNN personalities too nice to Biden?” Who the hell cares? Everyone on Fox acts like they would sacrifice their first born for Trump, and you don’t see me complaining about it. That’s because it’s all a side show. What matters is who is the better candidate, and the choice couldn’t be clearer.

This isn’t just a question about who I like as a person more. It’s about democratic principles. Trump has no respect for them. Biden does. That disqualifies Trump, and no tax cut or other short term policy debate can justify disregarding that. That’s why people like my dad have set aside short term policy disagreements to protect more fundamental principles. You think that John Kasoch loves Biden’s policy platform? Nope. Does that keep him from seeing the more important question? Apparently not. Same for my dad.

Again, if you don’t see the difference between a moderate Democrat and a demagogue who pedals conspiracy theories, panders to hate groups, and routinely tries to sow doubt in our elections, then I don’t know what to tell you. None of what I just said turns on left vs right philosophical differences. It’s much more fundamental than that. Usually, reasonable minds can disagree over the major party candidates. This isn’t one of those times. Country over party; it’s that simple. If you don’t see that with this president, I question whether you ever would. Respectfully, you’re overthinking it and giving Trump’s base far too much credit.

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Posted: 10/17/2020 at 9:03PM


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