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Sorry - no one belittled her. She just wasn’t entitled to our support.

First - show me a quote where a senator Denounced the nominee in the Misogynistic way CU Kev attacked the reporter. If you find it - I promise I will denounce it.

That said - I have to ask - Are liberals supposed to roll over and praise the lord because a black or a woman is appointed to or running for a position? Of course not - The policies they will further - and their ability to bridge cultural and political gaps - are the core issues. It is certainly not a sign of sexism for progressives to oppose a woman because she is going to install policies antithetical to progressive views.

She is of course bright - no where near as bright as RGB - but this issue is not about smarts - it is about WHICH of the many many very smart people that can fill this position ably will be making final irreversible decisions that will affect all of our lives.

We’ve seen this dynamic before. Pubs find a Ben Carson (bless his soul) or some other black and act all confused when blacks or progressives oppose the appointment. Ive seen Pubs argue that minorities and women are bring tricked into voting for progressives - as if women and minorities are incapable of thinking for themselves.

Frankly - liberals, minirities and women are every bit as capable of thinking for themselves - and to think for themselves - as we old white guys are and do.

If you got here EBN - thanks for reading.

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