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Who has said Biden is “the white hat, calvary”

No one. It’s a straw man. People acknowledge that Biden is flawed, but they have the moral clarity to see that Trump is far, far worse. It’s not just Dems. Many Republicans have seen it too. They disagree with Biden and yet they recognize that the choice is very clear. They know that basic democratic principles are more important than tax cuts.

My dad is one of them. He’s a die hard free marketer who came of age voting for Nixon and Reagan. He doesn’t think Biden’s perfect. And when the election is over, he will be there to challenge Biden when he disagrees with him. But for now, he’s volunteering his time to phone bank for Biden. That’s because he has the backbone and moral clarity to see that Trump is absolutely unfit for office, and he isn’t going to enable this crap by pretending that the candidates are just two side of the same coin when they clearly aren’t.

Is It true that everything Trump has done in his life is 100% evil? No. Does that mean that there’s no difference between him and Biden or, for that matter, Bush, Romney, and McCain? Nope. Trump is unique. If you go back and read the founding documents, the authors didn’t worry about a moderate Democrat who’s a little old and has gaffes as a threat to the nation. They talked about demogogues who stoke fear and division to expand and extend their power. They spoke of candidates who didn’t promise to respect the results of elections or commit to the peaceful transfer of power. These are basic democratic principles that are not left or right. They were respected but Republcians and Democrats alike for centuries.

Now those principles are under constant attack from Trump. If you agree, take a stand. Don’t spend every breath arguing that every viewpoint is equally valid. They aren’t. If you disagree and think the choice is razor thin between Trump and Biden, then I will unequivocally day that you are lost. This moment is a moral test for the country, and it requires moral clarity. In this environment, false equivalence and both sidesism are as blinding and enabling to bad behavior as partisanship.

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Posted: 10/17/2020 at 7:47PM


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