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You are an educated, intelligent person and also make assumptions

You know thinking is complex. People so often resort to rigid, emotional, blind thinking.

When we do, we don't see what we don't see and we tune other people out.

For clarification, with respect to the people I like on this board, I don't feel Trump is an effective leader or president. It is best if he goes. However, the vote is not as clear cut. It's not simple. Why? Because there are conservatives and moderates (I count myself as one) who don't necessarily agree with something significant or much of the Democratic platform. You know I like you yet I will ask that you not ask me "like what?" I will politely decline to answer.

You addressed moral equivalence. I hear you. Yet you realize that is happening with Democrats and liberals (two different things) too. I know you are intellectually honest enough, if not angry in the moment, to say that's factual, with evidence.

That's what EBN and others (sorry, I have forgotten your names) have written: no one party has the market cornered on morality, humanity and ethics. When I post, I'm not posting to support re-elect Trump. At the same time, I dislike this Biden and Harris are the white hat, calvary, doctors coming to save us all. That's simply preposterous.

Republicans and Democrats both are agenda driven. They don't give a f*ck about everyone. They care about what is politically most expedient and pandering to their "tribe." Yes, that goes for Republican leaders too.

I agree, this country is a mess yet a lot of that is not just due to looking out for each other (which liberals, conservatives, moderates all can do) but a whole lot of selfishness (I get mine and f*ck anyone who doesn't think like me or want who I want).

If people don't see that in their own "tribe" it is willful deception. Again, it's not party specific.

People see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe and put themselves on the moral high ground and shove different thinkers (without deep curiosity) to the bottom of the mountain.

Did anyone here play King of the Mountain (a/k/a King of the Hill) growing up? That's what adults do. Every play and forgive me for writing this (no intent to offend anyone) "Smear the Queer?" Same thing: "you don't agree with me?" Smear someone physically or verbally -- or go the route of trying to hurt someone publicly.

Bottom line, we're working on a very slippery slope. Society doesn't see it. Democrats and liberals want what they want, everything be damned and the far right wants the same.

What would benefit this country is more thoughtful reason, logic and collaboration instead of punching each other in the face and claiming superiority and labeling others as deviants or f*ck ups. That goes for both sides.

With as semi regularly as we have conversed, you know I am not beating the drum for Trump. It's not a black-white, either-or or binary thought process. Many people say it is and when it comes to election day, there are seemingly but two choices yet what goes into those choices is far more complex than most surface thinkers realize.

I rarely rant and I "own" that this is a rant. I respect you. I like you. I know you are a person of character. We do see things differently though.

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Posted: 10/17/2020 at 7:10PM


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