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Here is most likely what really happened with Saban

Saban tested positive and has Covid. Like many others, he is asymptomatic,

Saban wanted to coach in the CFB game of the year. He knows UGA would have beat them the last two years without his masterful coaching,

Neither Greg Byrne nor Nick Saban wanted to put their Nattie chances in Sarkisian's hands.

They talked to bunch of T-Town and Birmingham MDs who just happen to be Alabama graduates and huge fans.

Staring straight at a L to Georgia, the Docs convinced themselves that asymptomatic people can't spread the virus and there would be miniscule risk to healthy 18-23 year old even if he does.

The docs called some huge Alabama Fans and Alumni working in the Mobile laboratory and they produced three straight negative tests.

If they were playing Vandy, Ark, or MU, Saban would be in quarantine. That is a fact Jack,

Anyone who is believes Saban had the "first false positive" out of high profile coaches and players, "I have some ocean front property in Ariiizzona"

Posted: 10/17/2020 at 2:08PM


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