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So no matter what happens, it's all just relative?

There is no way to assess one candidates strengths or weaknesses relative to the other; as soon as you do, all you've established is that you are biased in favor of one or the other?

That is BS. False equivalence is killing this country. People excuse or wash out deplorable conduct every day by the POTUS--conduct that would be unthinkable under any other administration Democrat or Republican. How do they do it? By pointing out that "both sides are flawed."

The lack of moral clarity is just astonishing. Trump has debased the office more in the last week than any modern president did throughout their entire tenure. Why wash that out by saying, "Yeah, but Biden has flaws too." Who here has denied that? No one thinks Biden is perfect. They are simply making a judgment--which could not be easier to make--that he is far less flawed than Trump.

People make relative judgments every day between people, places, and things. It doesn't mean they're biased. It means they're rational. If you don't see the difference between one of Biden's gaffes and Trump pedaling conspiracies about Bin Laden being alive or the zillion other insane things that we have to deal with every day under this administration, then I don't know what to say to you. If you don't believe me, then maybe review the countless statements by Romney and other GOP leaders who have recognized Trump for what he is--a con man, wannabe dictator who has no respect for basic democratic principles and cares only about glorifying his insatiable ego. For christ's sake, Chris Christie is showing a far greater capacity for unifying moral leadership since getting infected with COVID than Trump.

In criminal court, judges make careful sentencing decisions every day, giving more or less time to convicted criminals based on their behavior. When someone comes in for a DUI and another comes in for a violent felony, the judge doesn't say, "I'm not going to differentiate! You're both bad! Off with your head!" The judge makes a reasoned judgment and gives the violent felon a worse sentence. Voters should be capable of relative judgment, too.

The GOP could roll whoever they want to up there, no matter how terrible, and still half of the country and half of this board would say, "Biden's just as bad because...." It's beyond ridiculous. Just because two people are flawed doesn't mean they are equally flawed. Rarely if ever will you have a choice between one perfect option and one wholly terrible option. If we can't make judgments of degree, we are screwed. Trump is not Bush, McCain, or Romney. This isn't just about partisanship. It's about whether Americans are going to be foolish enough to reelect a grifter who couldn't be more obvious if he was actually a cartoon character.

I know that you don't like Trump and aren't defending him, per se. But he survives in part off of false equivalence and both sidesism, and this thread contains a lot of it. It is just as much of a fallacy as hyper partisanship. Both allow someone to ignore or diminish obvious differences between candidates in order to come to a preferred outcome. In the case of hyper partisanship, the outcome is "my side is better." In the case of both sidesism, it's "it doesn't really matter because both sides are bad."

In reality, there's an incredibly easy choice in front of us. Trump is a uniquely terrible president, and Biden will be far better. Biden has flaws, but they pale in comparison to Trump's. The fact that Democrats (and Republicans who support Biden for that matter) don't pretend that the candidates are on even ground isn't a mark of bias; it's a mark of moral clarity and rational judgment.

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Posted: 10/17/2020 at 2:04PM


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