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Watching ball this year?

Howdy hawg,
You bet I'm watching. College football and hockey consume most of my sports viewing. I tend to watch even more college football when Colorado is playing. I won't miss much come November.

It seems very strange to see defensive players give a hint they may not like contact. That goes completely contrary to football as many of us know it. Defensive players always had the spit in their eye and snarl on their face probably more so than players on offense. I played both sides in HS. Coaches back then weren't concerned about someone getting tired playing both sides of the ball. They said you can rest when the game is over. Ha!

Thanks for the good wishes! We are all fine in the family. Younger daughter brought home baby #4 today. All girls! Almost 7, recently turned 4, turning 3 in a couple of months and now baby. Older daughter and husband don't have children so younger daughter and husband keep bringing them into the world. :-) I think they are done now. :-)

I hope you and all of your loved ones are well. Health and happiness seem to mean even more these days.

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