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I would argue both sides do that and a favored response is this:

well, at least "our guy" is not "your guy" when it comes to bad behavior.

For example, with alleged or proven sexual harassment, both Trump and Biden have bad reps yet there is often voters minimizing the character and behavior deficiency of their favored candidate and yet slamming the other guy.

Reminds me of fundamental attribution error: when I do something wrong, it's because of the situation and somehow more excusable yet when someone else does something wrong it's because they have rotten character and are a rotten person.

There is also a lot of "splitting" going on too, where people see a person as all good or all bad. Many see Trump as all bad as a leader. I don't like him yet not even I believe that. I do think he needs to go though.

Biden's biggest strength as a candidate now and this will upset people but it's true, is that he's not Trump.

After Biden gets elected (and my friends believe Trump will win), people will find out how Biden is flawed too.

"At least he's not Trump!" He'll get a pass.

Both guys, if you ask me, are weak representation.

(In response to this post by The Midnight Toker)

Posted: 10/16/2020 at 8:43PM


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