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What many on the left don't understand....

...(and on the right as well)

We have a large country. We have needs on both ends of the political spectrum. It can't be just about "me".

We have lots of people who want things just their way. "Defund the police"---crazy idea in that while they protest, the police are there protecting them (of course there are some examples of that not happening). "All libtards are commies"---narrow minded to think that because people want the folks barely making enough money to have a chance doesn't mean that they want communism. "Immigrants are stealing our jobs".---there is so much opportunity here, if you work hard you can find a job. Unless you want to be a seamstress making mainstream clothes or shoes.

Someone on NetBuffs OT said "I hate all liberals". That is a large, narrow minded blankment statement. There are others that decry all R's are bad. I just don't get it when folks want to paint with such a large brush.

We can list lots of positions that one side finds reprehensible from the other side. That's why we need a moderate bipartisan government. No one will be totally happy and the fringe will still protest and scream, but some things will get done.

The far left will still want free stuff and the Proud Boys will still be racist, but if we can reach some bipartisanship, things will get done.

Sounds great? The two party system makes that hard to do because R's get their votes from the right and the D's get their votes from the left and both fight over the middle, so they don't feel that they can campaign as a moderate.

I know that Biden is much more of a moderate than Trump, plus he's a decent human. That's why I will vote for him. There is a chance for bipartisanship with Biden, no chance with Trump.

I will vote Republican in a few of our local races for the same reasons.

Posted: 10/07/2020 at 4:52PM


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