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Now that this experiment has failed, can we please go back to the Swamp?

We've tried reality tv stars, pro wrestlers, SNL comedy writers, football coaches and players, really bad singers...hell, even Gopher from the Love Boat had his shot.

For all of the trashing of the so-called Establishment, at least they bring some semblance of normalcy and stability. This crazy-ass mantra of shocking Washington into shape with outsiders whose mission is to burn down the institution has done nothing but give inexperienced wack-jobs positions of prominence.

I hope and pray that Biden will be reasoned and bring things back closer to center, where the silent majority resides. Not terribly optimistic, but I choose to view the glass as half-full, rather than smashed on the ground in little pieces.

Posted: 10/07/2020 at 11:11AM


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