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Bingo! Anyone want to argue with this one? This is not created by Trump,

because this has been going on for quite some time, but he has helped accelerate this even more in his 4 years. Because he is a financial beneficiary of his programs. These are the people who make most of their money with their own money and your money. I have no problem asking them to pay more in taxes. That is a main premise of Democrats--to get these financial predators to stop stripping Americans of their worth.

Republicans that aren't wealthy have been conned by the mega-rich in believing that Democrats are coming for their scraps. No, the idea is to get the rich to pay more since they take more. The middle class in this country must be strong. How do we get there? Certainly not taking money from the middle or lower class!

Yes, there are disgustingly rich Democrats too, but most of the financially-obese are Republicans out of greed, knowing that is the party that will continue to make them even richer.

We have been slowly turning into an oligarchal society like we were in the late 1800's. It is almost feudal (and futile) for many workers. Teachers, health care, fire, police and govt employees are scorned when they ask for raises just to keep up, while rich f&%#$ just keep taking.

These people have been taught by their families, "you must get more" and so it goes on and on. Some give back, but most just take more and more.

Anyone from the middle class (R or D) on here want to contest the truth of this?

(In response to this post by Ralphie Bruber)

Posted: 09/18/2020 at 6:45PM


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