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An endless stream of self-righteous hot air from CUKev. Build a straw man that liberals oppose only police brutality and have no interest in addressing other inequality. Then elevate the role of "black on black" violence without proposing any actual solutions other than locking more people up for longer, while opposing all counterproposals put forth by the left, i.e., redistributive education funding so that inner city schools can compete with their suburban counterparts; reparations; expanding health care coverage; funding public and mental health institutions; and decriminalizing individual drug possession.

The right bears no responsibility for racial inequality or urban crime. Only the Democratic mayors of major cities can be responsible for what happens within their jurisdictions, not the Republican governors, state legislators, congresspeople, or presidents who share jurisdiction over those cities. Those mayors need to find the solutions without asking for any compromise or sacrifice from the right; and without changing the inherently unequal way we fund public schools; and without addressing de facto segregation and the legacy of white flight to the suburbs (outside of the mayors' jurisdictions); and without expanding affordable housing; and without any redistribution of wealth from other parts of their states to account for hundreds of years of slavery and discrimination; and without criminal justice reform; and without raising taxes on the wealthy from their historic lows (or just stopping them from going down even further every time Republicans are in power).

In short, this is all the mayors' fault. And according to CUKev, suggesting otherwise is not only wrong, but somehow racist.

Yeah, that adds up. What's next, CUKev? Are you going to say it's racist to remove confederate statues and flags from public spaces? Maybe you could first explain how it could be racist for liberals to oppose disproportionate police brutality directed at black people? And try to do so without relying on the obviously false assumption that protesting police brutality and protesting other sources of racial inequality are somehow mutually exclusive.

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Posted: 08/02/2020 at 5:24PM


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