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You find what I post offensive and racist

I find what liberals post here offensive and racist because it solves nothing. How many blacks have been killed due to police brutality or excessive force since George Floyd was murdered?? How many?? Police brutality needs to stop but it is a tiny drop in the bucket of violence against blacks in this nation. Given the choice, if I could stop A) deaths due to police brutality nationwide OR B) stop all black on black violence just in Chicago, I would choose B every day of the week because it is far more significant than A and is taking far more black lives than A. Now the libs here are going to say I'm putting all of the blame on blacks. NO. That is not the point. The point is that if we want to make real change that helps black communities, we have to start being honest. Look at data and statistics. Look at what's really causing poverty. It's NOT police brutality.

You know why we cannot talk honestly about racism and violence in black communities. It's because most of these black communities have been under liberal, Democrat leadership for decades and little or nothing has improved. Nobody is willing to force liberal leaders to answer for their incompetence. It's easier to call anyone who asks questions a racist.

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Posted: 08/02/2020 at 3:20PM


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