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You use words that are not even in the S.A.T. study guide- I

had to go look up your word "zelamitous." Jeebus.
Talk about using arcane language.

William puts a great deal of thought into his posts. He's been here actively posting since 2003. He is not a shoot-from-the-hip person. His writing is careful and precise.

Buffhooper says that he is a person of color, not a liberal, and in the law enforcement profession. He called out Kev's post about BLM as sounding racist. People of color have immediate experience with racism, because they are the ones targeted. If a person of color told me that my message sounded racist, I would:

1. Thank the person for pointing it out and apologize; because if I were not racist, I would certainly not want to sound racist.
2. Think deeply and reflectively about my feelings and how they might be inferred by others as racist, especially non-liberals in law enforcement.
3. Go back and edit my post.

(In response to this post by I No Longer Work Here)

Posted: 08/02/2020 at 12:44AM


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