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I did not attend CU, but grew up in the McCartney era just across the

Border in Kansas. Our news and sports came from Denver and I spent the summer of ‘85 living in Denver while my older brother was at Craig rehab for a spinal cord injury. When I graduated HS, out of state tuition at CU was prohibitive especially when my parents wouldn’t complete a FAFSA. So I attended Fort Hays State University, an RMAC school in western KS. I still watched CU as much as I could and argued with the OU, Sker (in laws) and KjSU fans and rarely came across CU news or fans. I joined this site in ‘04 to keep up on the FB team. This board has always had a decent mix of thoughtful conservative, independent and liberal minds, as well as different areas of expertise. This spring it has been good to hear from hawg and solo on science and pharma. I appreciate being able to post here as being a teacher I try not to be too outspoken about political subjects in my small very conservative town.

FHSU, ‘98 and ‘14
#Skobuffs and #Rolltiges

I really don’t see where anyone attended as much of a concern. Some like me are fans, some had children attend, some were friends and family of former players. I believe Buffdad fit that category.

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