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The record speaks for itself

Yesterday, you criticized the BLM movement as "Ignoring the real problems and solutions because they’re not politically correct to talk about. Call me when BLM protests out-of-wedlock birth rates in the black community or black-on-black murders." That is a racist cliche that attempts to avoid calls for reform and blame black people for their own disproportionate experience of crime, poverty, and police brutality by making it a function of their own collective choices and actions, rather than the result of hundreds of years of slavery, discrimination, and racism in this country.

Ironically, while you spew this crap, the BLM movement is, in fact, trying to address crime within the black community; they're just doing it differently than you would do. They are petitioning their government for reparations, including in the form of education funding, to narrow the wealth and opportunity gap that often drives people to commit crimes. If you took a minute to listen and read with an open mind, you'd see all of this, but that clearly doesn't fit your agenda. For you, the only thing that could redeem BLM is if its supporters started parading down the street with signs that say "Stop committing crimes and having babies out of wedlock, black people!"

Also, even accepting your clearly inaccurate premise that the BLM movement is concerned exclusively with police brutality when in fact it has sparked debate about reparations and addressing racial inequality on a much broader scale, do you really think its compelling to say "people are idiots to protest police officers murdering black people because more people are killed by gang violence than police." Is it your standard that as long as the police don't cause the same amount of violence as gangs throughout our country, then they're immune from criticism?

I don't doubt that you will try to equivocate or otherwise weasel out of your statement rather than just fessing up that you were out of line. At a certain point, I won't have time to correct the record and will just hope that other posters will see through your games. You constantly make uninformed, irresponsible, and racist remarks on this board and rely on the good will of others to give you the benefit of the doubt. You've obviously developed a fan club with some, but I'll call you on your bullshit when I see it. You can call it lies, but you're only fooling yourself and the people who are predisposed to lap up whatever you say.

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