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I always enjoy your posts even when I don't fully agree. Question...

You write "The benefit of diversity in viewpoints has a limit. The difficult part is knowing where to draw the line."

You know I respect you. Do you believe that conviction is a slippery slope? It sounds incredibly arbitrary.

I read so much ugliness online that either turns my stomach or makes me see people as so little in character and I have little respect for them yet they live in a free country. Who am I to be the moral arbiter of speech. Should any of us, despite our character and beliefs, become the judge of what is and isn't reasonable to express?

I can see why CUKev (since he is the person in question) and his statements can come across as offensive yet is he communicating all we believe he is communicating or are possibly taking in inference and making it fact in our minds?

Is there possibly some fact in at least some of what he says? When I say that I'm not agreeing with everything he writes. It's only one puzzle piece. I honestly don't believe he has a hateful heart either. You and I can disagree on that of course. I respect it.

You're more educated, intelligent and successful than I am. I know you've likely read or heard of the quote "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Yes, the wealth gap is wide and we know why. We can agree. Yet I think there is a belief with that improved there would be zero problems. I don't see that being true. Look at white America for example. There was no white slavery or racism in this country yet is white America without its social problems? Of course not. Now, to be fair, that doesn't get brought up or mocked very often.

I think we're demonizing someone, making a villain out of someone who is not the monster that is believed. Does he have all the facts? Maybe not. Most of us don't. He seems like an reasonable person, why can't we take the approach of being our best selves and communicate, listen and learn from each other?

(In response to this post by churdslick)

Posted: 08/01/2020 at 1:49PM


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