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This is spot on

I commented yesterday about racist comments on this board. I firmly believe that there is a lot of it, and it is sickening.

Yesterday, the poster you mentioned spewed the age old racist trope that black people are to blame for their own inequality because they commit too many crimes against one another and have too many babies outside of wedlock. If you believe, like I do, that people are born equal, it is easy to see that the issues he points to are a symptom of the problem, not the original source. To believe otherwise is to imply that black people just make bad choices more than white people--a blatantly racist viewpoint. (I will set aside for now the gross overgeneralization about single parenthood leading to poverty and crime; in fact, if you control for poverty in the first instance, many wealthier families with single parents do just fine.)

When I responded to those posts, I didn't characterize the poster as racist because I think that is rarely constructive, but I can understand why you would. I can also understand why EBN would respond the way he did, but I don't agree with its logic. I consider myself a die hard free speech advocate, but in reality, there limits to those principles. And folks regularly exclude abhorrent viewpoints from the marketplace of ideas, especially in private or otherwise controlled forums. For one thing, I would be appalled if i learned that the comments we've discussed were discussed as anything but unacceptable in my child's school. The benefit of diversity in viewpoints has a limit. The difficult part is knowing where to draw the line.

Given the nature of this forum, I fall on the side of not censoring the posts you and I mentioned. Although privately run, the spirit of this forum is unbridled, anonymous debate. And in that respect, its rules should probably be almost as liberal (in the classical sense) as would exist in a traditional public forum under the First Amendment. That doesn't mean that I like these posts. Quite the contrary. I finding them sickening, but I nonetheless feel obliged to tolerate them or look away.

That said, tolerance does not mean acceptance or capitulation. I will continue to call out racist posts when I see them, and I think others should do the same. While there are some in the country that are too quick to play the race card, there are at least as many folks who believe calling someone or something racist is the greatest sin and can only be warranted if someone goes so far as to use the n-word or something similar. That is wrong headed. If someone blames inequality on black on black crime without accounting for hundreds of years of slavery, state sanctioned segregation, de facto segregation that continues to this day, unequal schooling, and a massive generational wealth gap, I will call a spade a spade. That's racist bullshit, and no one should buy it or stand for it.
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