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The accommodation of racism on this board is hard to justify

CUKev is in the business of shouting out racist dog whistles in this board. He does it routinely, Some of the many examples of his activity are spelled out below, CUKev is sophisticated in this - he will cherry pick from the words of black leaders - and praise them. But the words he cherry picks are words that he finds “surprising” and he misuses them as much as Trump misuses black spokesmen to whitewash his blatant racism.

In many cases CUKevs posts are timed to bring racism into the mix of a conversation - we all can see how much he enjoys doing this and watching the condemnatory responses that will surely follow.

None of what CUKev would ever fly here if it were directed at Jews. So why is it ok to direct it against blacks?

Sometimes CUKev will defend himself - claiming that a Black has married into his family, and that I have no ability to judge him. I hear that - but it just doesn’t reconcile with his contempt for the BLM movement and his defense of cops who prey on blacks. Many racists hide behind the skirts of black acquaintances as a defense for their bigotry. It is a shrill protesteth too much claim.

The response to this is predictable. Critics will descend like locusts with claims of hypocrisy and whinings about how CUKev - and somehow themselves - are victims. I will be regailed with clams of advocating censorship - even though the operators of this board have every legal and constitutional right to monitor and sanction the speech that occurs here . And each condemnation will be awarded with many upvotes. None of that group will lift a finger to acknowledge there may be a problem with CUKevs conduct. So be it.

2NB does a great job. We are lucky to even have this forum - and I thank him for that. I know nothing other than me shedding light on bigotry is likely to come if this. But again - if CUKevs comments were directed at Jews - I believe long ago he would have either been straightened out or he would have been locked out,

That stated - here are a few examples. They are not hard to find.

July 2020: As expected, the NBA games yesterday were heavy on the BLM worship. Entire teams taking a knee in front of the BLM logo that is in large letters on the court. This is an amazing study of human behavior and how the human mind can be manipulated. As I watched these men kneel, I was reminded of the videos of terrorists in the ME marching Christian men out in a row, forcing them to kneel so they can be decapitated. But these men are doing it WILLINGLY. They, like many Americans, have been manipulated and duped. It's amazing and I would never believe it could happen if I didn't see it.

June 2020: Join AntifaYou get a free Ralphie shirt, a Coexist bumper sticker, and a 25% off coupon at a Vans outlet store. Recruit a friend and you get a one year membership in the Vape of the Month Club.

May 2020: Kapernick is an opportunist

May 2020: College Football HoF damaged in protests
Makes sense. College football has oppressed so many black people.

June 2020: Somehow the MN incident is now connected to other issues. If you don't support Colin Kapernick and his kneeling, you also don't empathize with blacks on George Floyd.

June 2020: BTW Joe Thomas didn’t capitalize the “b” in black. Very un-woke. In a few years, that will get him cancelled and labeled a racist. I expect an apology within 24 hours.

July 2020: These protests/riots are fueled by hate. It is stoked by organizations like BLM and antifa.

July 2020: According to their own website, BLM was founded because of Trayvon Martin's death. Hmmmhow many young black men were killed in gang killings in Chicago before Trayvon was killed??

September 2014: Another black man shot by white police.A few blocks from my house. It's ridiculous how race is immediately inserted into this tragedy. Of course, we're already hearing from the "the police should be charged with murder if they shot him in the back" crowd. I just hope Jackson and Sharpton stay away.

November 2014: Tell blacks they should fear conservatives. They're too stupid to see through the lie. Sharpton and Jackson will protect you!!!

Nic. 2014: Great article about Obama's cronyism. I know of some black churches that passed the collection plate several times for his campaign. I wonder what the "separation of church and state" crowd thinks about that.

November. 2014: Why weren't black community leaders and national leaders like Jackson and Sharpton standing between the protestors and the buildings they wanted to burn?? Those assholes stir the pot and then disappear when it explodes.

November 2016 (this CUKev post is rich in irony): His newest book is titled "Liberty's Last Stand". In a nutshell, a black President named Barry Soetoro (sound familiar?) uses terrorist attacks in the U.S. to declare marshall law and basically rip up the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. There is even an election coming up and the Democrat candidate is named Cynthia Hinton (sound familiar?). Texas secedes from the union and goes to war with the U.S. Conservatives and moderates across the country revolt. In the end, they catch up to Soetoro and his closest advisors near Camp David where his throat is slit and he bleeds to death in front of his wife Mickey (sound familiar?

November 2018: White cop shoots unarmed black teenager. Racism?? No. The white cop is 1/1024 African-American. He's black!!! Problem solved!!!
July 2020: BTW my wife tells me he was married to Mariah Carey and she is half white. Therefore, Cannon's kids are part white.

July 2029: I'm sure some of the dead are black, and that the professional protesters and antifa crowd are on their way to Chicago right now to protest this horrible violence. They're going to support law enforcement and fight the gangs to bring peace to these cities. Right?????

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