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Memo to Dr Fauci…....don’t be afraid to question your dogma

Time to look at the Case studies in communities with high outbreaks in April.
They all show:
a) Herd immunity begins to kick in at infection levels around 25 percent.
b) Infection fatality rate less the .005
c) Large segments of the population are likely immune or not susceptible (25-35 %)
d) No reemergence of a second wave irrespective of what social distancing practices are in place.

Case Study #1: Blaine County, Idaho (Home of Sun Valley Resort in Ketchum)
1) Serology studies indicate 25 percent of the population was infected by mid-May (appx 6000 people out of 23,000)
2) Number of deaths, 5 in April, 1 in July. Infection fatality rate = .001
3) Number of new cases have dropped to a very low level with no reemergence despite lax social distancing measures; i.e. bars and restaurants open, large influx of tourists on vacation

Immunity coming faster and a lower cost than Media Maximus would like you to believe.

Also, take a look at the cookbook written by your children 10 years from now, titled:
‘Recipes for Big Trouble’
‘What you end up with when you mix a well-meaning Doctor, a grandstanding party of politicians, and a fearmongering Media’

Posted: 07/31/2020 at 2:07PM


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