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Waldo is the Dad of a Colorado football player from some years ago. It looks like some people think he is back. I don't keep track of everyone who posts around here like some people try to do, but I do recall a few posters as unforgettable. Waldo is one of them.

I've been commenting on netbuffs with the same handle since 1997 when Ted Smith, aka smitty/denver developed the site to add an alternative to the Colorado Athletic Department site that was continually trashed by some Cornhusker weirdo named "Logic." The AD site shut down I guess because no one bothered to moderate and eliminate the trolls/weirdos. Netbuffs has survived all this time. The Off Topic board was developed to take goofy, extraneous nonsense off of the football board. I stayed off of this board for a long time until things seemed to get boring without sports during the virus problem. Hopefully sports starts up again and I won't bother to look in here for a long time again.

I have enjoyed your perspective on off topic issues. It appears more conservative types have commented here since the shut down. It has riled up some posters of a particular persuasion at times. I've been accused of getting furious and name calling. Contrary to the belief of some I do not single out any specific posters with name calling. I have commented using generalized terms for leftists. I guess that gets 'em riled up.

Take care...

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