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This is what happened to me today in Safeway : It is

because of thoughtless, inconsiderate people that we are stuck in this pandemic, and the numbers of cases are not dropping. This is what happened:

In the Safeway, one person is allowed at the checkstand at one time. The next person in line, stands on the red square which is across the aisle where people pass back and forth to the checkstands.
When the customer at the checkstand is paying at the card terminal, then the next customer in line comes up to the conveyor belt and waits for the checker to give the "all clear" to start loading groceries on the belt.
But today, a lady comes up immediately behind me, so close that the front of her cart is touching the back of my cart. And then a guy comes up right behind her and does exactly the same thing. There are already other shoppers standing on the red squares back in the aisles, so these people behind me are not only cutting in line, they are not social distancing.
So, I tell the checker, "Excuse me, but these people who are so close that their carts are touching, are not social distancing. The checker looks at the lady, then the man behind her, and the checker says, "Oh, I guess they are okay", and he shrugs. He doesn't want to get involved. So I cannot do anything about that.

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Posted: 07/16/2020 at 7:17PM


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