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Al is not "suddenly" saying it today.

Alfred Williams initially said it when it happened, 31 yrs. ago, after the CU-Okla St game in 1989. Another CU player, Tim James, also said it at the time. Apparently a lot of trash talking during the game. Gundy was apparently calling several of CU's black players the N word during the game. A recap of Gundy's game comments was passed on to Gordon Gee, CU Pres. As you might recall, Gordon was a huge football fan. Gee then expressed his concern to Okie St. Pres. Apparently Gundy denied it and nothing came of it. Gundy purportedly said something to the effect "Well, you should have heard what the CU players were saying." Yadda, yadda... Apparently an old story, but it appears Gundy's current situation is not a new one for him. The guy sounds like a loser.

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Posted: 06/18/2020 at 12:43PM


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