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R.I.P. Baseball..............

Anyone who sees me post knows I love the game of baseball. But the owners and players do not own the game, yet the sure know how to ruin it. If there is no season, and it is starting to look that way, next season might not be either. The CBA is up after the next season and there is no trust or respect for either sides. Pro Baseball was sinking before this and the idiots in the pro sport can't see beyond their bank accounts what they are doing and what might permanently be done to the pro game. A lot of blame on both sides, the owners can't believe they are paying their employees 30 to 35 million a year to play a game but they do it. And players look at the owners and envy their money. We've been through this before haven't we. But it's getting old and there are other levels of baseball that is still somewhat pure and enjoyable. My grandson of 3 has been hitting off a tee and smiles when he grips it and rips it as he says to me. Time to put things into perspective in life and game.

Posted: 06/16/2020 at 11:49AM


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