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From wehre I stand...

Anyone over the age of 50 has seen this violent scenario played out many times before. Black communities explode in violence and rage often prompted by an "overreaction" by local authorities (law enforcement usually).
The sad truth is black america really hasn't progressed in any meaningful way since the end of WW2. MLK,Obama, and other stars seem to be exception rather than the rule. I have NO idea as to what is the answer for black america,but it seems every generation is falling further behind. Sad,frustrating and now dangerous. What is abundantly clear-white america does not give a sh*t about the black community-never really has and never really will. That means the black community it going to have to do the heavy lifting themselves, and so far they have proven unable to do so. I hope that changes.

I do remember living in LA after the Rodney King violence, Magic Johnson and other black business leaders invested heavily in local supermarkets, Starbucks, more high-end eating and just in general put in a lot of time and money to try to make it a better environment. It failed miserably.
Looting,crime, lack of reliable employees caused each establishment to close within a couple of years. Wish I had some answers-real answers, not p.c. mumbo jumbo. I'm afraid the community will not like the answers to the questions.

Be safe.


Posted: 05/30/2020 at 2:37PM


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